"Retired from life and dedicated to jazz..."



Retired Musicians Social Club is a group of like-minded professional musicians, who work together to produce better music. Primarily we all are here to play live music and our main musical styles are ranging from Latin America Music and jazz. But besides that - we compose and record also.

We have nearly ten years experience of producing music and performing live, so we feel the audience and know how people reacts to music. We have concept, that all music is an incarnation of energy. That’s why music is so close to us – we feel it, we see colors in it, we enjoy it and when it starts to resonate with us – we feel satisfaction or we can even cry when listening to it. Music is a best way to bring a message. It is best, because it is common language of the world, everybody understand it, everybody feel the energy of it and it is even closer to person than a language. Music was the primary communication of the early tribes; It is the main communication with oneself today.

You can read more about us: Club Idea. and Club Members.

Also, you can listen to our works here:

RMSC Live music - our activity and demo recordings

Q Branch - a "secret lab" of Royalty free soundtracks




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