Retired Musicians Social Club history

It all began in Lithuania, Vilnius, 2007, in Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa conservatory basement. Linas Karaliunas worked there for a while with drummer, and not for long they were joined by novice bass player Gediminas Svilas, who, because of his height was dubbed the "Longman". The company started their life together in conservatory basement.

In the basement there were almost no conditions for playing, so Linas Karaliūnas required the ConservaKonservatorijos rūsys - pirmoji RMSC susirinkimo vietatorium to give at least a piano. They got old ruined “Riga” piano, it was only half “healthy” keys. Linas repaired piano part by part for four weeks, thus completely at random, he managed to learn how to repair pianos, and later how to tune them. At that time there was only one rule: if you do not learn something yourself, there is no one who will help you. Because of this rule, basement people learned to do many things and even those who are not in any way with their careers. These three musicians did not come from wealthy families, so everything what they had was made by their own hands. Basement Inventory - this was as far as possible arranged piano "Riga", drum kit, bass guitar amplifier and old computer with library of jazz recordings found on corner.

Basement people played together, studied together, walked to lectures (or ran from classes) together, ate together while days and weeks passed. Likewise, they all began to do everything together, and outside Conservatory's borders they were best friends and musical partners. All three were very different people, but the idea was common - and it was just jazz.

There was a major search impulse for methods, techniques, how to learn and how to live. In the basement there was lengthy discussion forums about everything, but particularly focused on music technology, such as rhythm, harmony, composition, improvisation - as well as the concept. Often the discussion forums were joined by some of the teachers, all sat in the basement, drank coffee and discussed the principles of jazz.

They observed that all the musicians around here has a different way, that music education courses are organized not as it should be organized, the musicians do not learn rhythm, because the majority believes that it is only for drummers and jazz improvisation is learned from playing the sheet music and etc. They were the ones who were trying to find the specific learning principles, such as those not recorded in sheets or books, and to specify everything, in short – they moved against environmental flow. And then they came up with idea to "retire" from the musicians. Thats how RMSC Club – Retired Musicians Social Club was born. The social, because they were sort of a separate community.

Later RMSC club worked more as quartet, with a sax player, and after several time Diana joined the club.

The quartet managed to travel to West Germany, Düsseldorf city. It was August of 2009. RMSC idea was to play in the street, but as they went there, it became clear that electric instruments are not allowed to be played in the street. They had to quickly develop an alternative plan. They improvised fastly - bought costumes at the local clothes store and started looking for work in cafes and bars.

This quartet was traveling toward Germany and homeland a lot of times, but one day only three of the musicians decided to settle down here in Germany - Diana, Linas and Gedas.

They arrived to Germany in summer 2012. Because they are foreigners in Germany there was a lot of troubles to find a place where to live. With no success finding a flat or studio in city Düsseldorf, they settled down in city Essen for a month. Having no money to survive, no contacts, no gigs, and few weeks even without electricity in the flat - they escaped temporary to The Netherlands, The Hague. They we're trying to find some gigs there in late summer. Luckilly they met wonderful people working at F.A.S.T surf club - they gave RMSC opportunity to live for free in F.A.S.T, just playing some music. RMSC will be always thankful for these people, especially the manager Sebastiaan Houthoff.

After a while RMSC moved back to Germany. Then they started realising musical ideas with restaurant "Kölner Hof" in Müllheim an der Ruhr. Together they organized a "Christmas Jazz" daily jazz performances.

Soon RMSC got into real trouble -  some unfriendly people kicked out them of their flat in Essen. They went to  "Kölner Hof" in Müllheim an der Ruhr  and the wonderful staff there - Markus Thiel and Carsten Osthaus helped them a lot. RMSC will never forget their help and will be thankful for opportunities they gave.

RMSC members all time respects each one. Their common goal is for all same, even though the life is different, they are perfectly able to adapt and fully immerse themselves in music methods for rhythm, harmony, composition, arranging and global musical concept. RMSC is analyzing mainstream jazz, as well as a lot of time is given to deep Latino music studies - it is two main directions of RMSC. But RMSC is common with all kinds of music, because RMSC idea is to do everything in an organized and defined way, leaving no space for misunderstanding, so it is always working Systematically. To think systematically club was taught by club's most respected man – late docent Sigitas Giedraitis, head chief of Vilnius College, Faculty of Arts Jazz Department.

In 2014 Linas Karaliūnas created a new department of RMSC: Q Branch - an experimental soundtracks "lab", which was started so RMSC can bring to life it's compositional fantasies. Now it is producing mostly royalty free soundtracks and custom Film music.

RMSC holds it's old direction and world outlook, and does not surrender to environmental influences. Club's main ideological leaders - Linas Karaliūnas and Gediminas Svilas.

You can also check what the rest of the club makes in Lithuania - by visiting www.rmsc.eu




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