RMSC Attitude

Club idea is to bring together musicians who aspire to play, and live the right way. We are looking at the art with responsibility, and whole our life we're creating methodology of jazz studies, when the same time we are all learning to play.

Jazz is complex musical style and you can not play it without education. This is already more than a hundred years old tradition that is always changing and is constantly being dictated by the new fashion of playing. We have not only to learn to improvise and expand the repertoire, we have to be capable of studying what has already been invented, and is already inventing.

However jazz – is a genre, reflecting the artist's individuality. It is therefore necessary to work hard with yourself, that you would have what to say on the stage. These same things we use in the music, we use in life, because our life is also a continuous learning process. It's full of improvisation, harmonic solutions, rhythm, and jazz concepts.

RMSC studying hard through the prism of its vision of analysis:

  • Rhytmic
  • Jazz Harmony
  • The composition
  • Arranging
  • Stylistics
  • Concepts
  • Music at different audiences

We have to play to a wide range of audiences - from jazz lovers to ordinary listeners in Germany and abroad, from concert halls to restaurants, and sometimes even non-target audience on the street. That's why we have a very extensive repertoire, we know how to react to the audience and understand, what kind of music and playing it needs. Life has taught us to adapt to the environment and do not always play what we enjoy ourselves. We are following a simple rule: A musician plays to the listener, not to himself.

We look at how this musical style is dictated by its inventors - the American jazz players. We look to those who lived in the past, and look to those alive today. We are trying to understand what they understand, and try to adapt their understanding to our music. That's why RMSC always sounds unique. We are not playing free jazz, and we do not support those who play it without knowledge.

In Lithuania RMSC shows up itself less than abroad. RMSC has its new home in West Germany, we have here many places where to play.

RMSC is communicating society and always open to new ideas and proposals.

People who want to learn to play, or want advice, can always refer to RMSC. We communicate with everyone, as well as provide lessons for all instrumentalists and vocalists, in any questions. We can help advise on the methodology of learning. Our analysis of subjects are needed for all musicians, so even if we haven't specific instrumentalist, we are still able to advise or undertake training. In the club you can even learn to tune pianos, because the club is engaged in this activity.

We're looking forward to any questions or suggestions from you, the RMSC is always enthusiastic to communicate.


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