Q Branch

RMSC has its own "secret lab" called Q Branch. Here we are "inventing" a brand new music tracks, mostly for Royalty Free and Film use. Our production is ranging from short soundtracks to full form custom music for films and television in many musical genres from jazz and Latin America music - to experimental electronic music.

In the RMSC premises we have a professional recording studio and available professional musicians, so we are able to record and mix virtually anything that gets on our or our customers minds.

Linas Karaliūnas is Q Branch's musical supervisor and composer.

Gediminas Svilas and Viktoras Krasauskas also works at Q Branch as composers.

Kristijonas Jankauskas - manager and web sales coordinator.

Other RMSC members do also participate in the recordings.

You can listen for our soundtracks and license them in these marketplaces:




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